Zombie Kimonos

Open letter Resurrection Dear Zombie Kimono Family, This letter is way overdue, but I let my fear get in the way of realizing, I owe you an honesty and sincere apology. I am mad at myself and also disappointed with my lack of action toward my purpose of making my Zombie Family happy. I am truly sorry. I purchased this company from a great friend/coach back in 2011 while I was stationed overseas in Germany. After being stationed in Germany for four years my family relocated to England for four more years. The military has been amazing to my family and I. We have seen things people only dreamed of. It has sustained my family, and most of all, I have met some of the greatest people through the military. In those eight years, it has been extremely difficult to be directly involved with my company Zombie Kimonos. I haven't been able to be directly involved in the daily activities to build this company to the empire it should be. There are several legal reasons I was not able to run Zombie Kimonos from either Germany nor England as an American Citizen, so I had to hire third-party help while being stationed overseas, which is costly for a start up and difficult. The third-party help was phenomenal, but it was frustrating at times trying to get task accomplished while living in two different time zones. During those eight years I struggled to complete my degree and I was blessed to become a father of three (one set of twins and a surprise baby) in that time frame. These factors also made it extremely difficult to run a startup company from an overseas location. I literally put this letter off an entire year and this makes me mad, and sick to my stomach, because that means I neglected my Zombie Kimonos Family for an entire year. I felt that if I wrote this letter I would be a complete failure, but I need to take the Jiu Jitsu mentality and the Jiu Jitsu attitude towards this situation. I realized that I did not fail, but that I need to learn how to be strategic and employ tactics to get back on the mat and make this company successful and continue to take care of my Zombie Family, because as I said before this is the purpose of my company. I'm truly sorry to all those that I have neglected, my words cannot express the remorse and the shame that I feel for not doing what I said I was going to do. I have two options now. I can either quit, move on, accept defeat and let my company fail or I can use this anger, shame, and remorse as fuel to resurrect Zombie Kimonos from the dead. I decided to choose RESURRECTION! I will strive to get Zombie Kimonos back to where it should be, where it belongs. It is time I get back on the mat and start over and to finish what I started. My goal is to put more Zombies on the mat, to keep you there and to help you maximize your potential for greatness while looking sophisticated. In order for this to happen, I need to get back to headquarters, so I can be involved in everything 100%. To make this happen my family and I are separating from the Military so I can 100% dedicated to the company and most of all you, my Zombies. I promise you my Zombie Family, we will resurrect Zombie Kimonos in SPRING of 2016. In the meantime, I will catch up on everything I have left behind and contact everyone I need to contact in order to make things right. For all my Zombies make 2016 your year to follow your dreams, no more excuses, no more waiting for the perfect time, no more doubting yourself. With much respect and honor I look forward to taking care of you. I’m in this for the long run, I’ll see you on the mat! OSS!